TOP 11 OF 2011


11. F11

So yeah, F11 takes the 11th spot. How original. But! Firefox users can go to full screen mode by hitting F11 and compared to the other F-keys that’s miraculously awesome. He’s like that kid you were worried about who in the end turned out alright. 

10. [down arrow]

Sometimes you’re just done mouse-/mousepad-scrolling to get to the bottom of that browser page. Hit that down arrow, brother.

9. & 8. (Ex aequo) L and O


7. ; :

A semi-colon AND a regular colon, combined in one key? It’s all you need to show off you (might) have had tertiary education; trust me.

6. Numpad Enter

Numpad Enter doesn’t sweat it. He’s just chilling in his corner, letting the other Enter-key take centre stage, but he’s your guy after stringing those Numpad digits together.

5. Esc

So the Escape key is not quite in his prime anymore, with Alt-F4 stealing a lot of its thunder, but still does the trick with IM screens and such. If only all keyboard keys were so modest.

4. Prt Sc / SysRq

Windows users are, as you all know, by definition not creative, so we use the Print Screen-key and MS Paint for all graphic purposes. Also, Windows users care about system specifications a lot, so that SysRq function comes in really handy as well.

3. Backspace

Being able to remove the rubbish you scribble down without a trace is probably the single greatest innovation to writing since the pen. No, scrap that.



1. Pause / Break

Have you ever used this key? No, of course not. It doesn’t do anything when you press it. But that’s the beauty of it. Whenever your eyes come across the Pause Break-key, it invariably means you’re having a lapse of concentration. Why else would you be looking down to the most obscure confines of your keyboard? Simply by feasting your eyes on it, you realize that indeed you do need either a pause or a break. And thus the key works like a charm without actually having to press it. Call that post-keyboardism if you will. Suck on that, Steve Jobs.

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