TOP 11 OF 2011

By Carly Blair

11. Marion Herbain (bassist, Veronica Falls) - Found love listening to "Found love in a graveyard".

10. Taraka Larsen (singer, Prince Rama) - You didn't buy the work out video to actually WORK OUT, did you?!

09. Julian Lynch - Tiny babe, hugely talented.

08. Dean Spunt (drummer, No Age) - Even Bradford Cox won't deny that shit! Plus the movie High School Record showed that he's funny to boot.

07. Freddy Ruppert (vocals/synthesizers, Former Ghosts) - Might want to admire from afar, though, he seems like the type who might set your front lawn on fire, or break down into sobs mid-coitus.

06. Keimpe & Berber (Bebe Fang) - Break up up the couple, if you must, but not the awesome band, pleeez.

05. Robin Silas Christian (drummer, Male Bonding) - He's like a cuter, next gen Rivers Cuomo.

04. Alexandra Duvekot (Saelors, now Light Light) - Her partner in crime Thijs is a babe as well.

03. Christopher Owens (singer, Girls) - Being a drug addict doesn't affect your mojo when all the ladies love you for your vulnerability.

02. Sari and Romy Lightman (AKA the Twins)(back-up vocals, Austra) - Apparently there was one "hot twin", but I think it's a tough choice.

01. (Kickball) Katy Goodman (bassist, Vivian Girls) - Duh. This ginger had the boy-packed front row at the OCCII praying for a peek up her flowery mini-dress.

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