What’s that coming this way? Hootering and a hollering, on a wave of beer and swimming bikini clad ladies? Why, it’s those cheeky Jacuzzi Boys! Armed with an arsenal of rompin stompin rock’n’roll belters, they are here to take over your town, and your best friend’s town. Their guitars are well amped, their drums tightly tuned and their bass thick and melodic. But the attitude is firmly “who gives a flying monkey brain! Let’s party!” Once you hear Jacuzzi Boys, you won’t want to do anything else apart from partay on down, and guess what will be on the stereo? Jacuzzi Boys of course! Their straight to the point approach is more refreshing than you might think. They do away with synths, recording methods, complex lyricisms, weird attitudes, philosophy and just get down to hammering it home. Jump in this jacuzzi, music fans. You won’t want to get out until the bubbles go flat. Which they won’t.


Are they romantic mix tape material?
NO. They are too rock n roll for romance, or mix, or tape.

Are they party playlist material?
YES. Just count how many times PARTY!!! has been said.

Should you go and tell your friends?
YES. Whack them on the car stereo, drive around the neighbour throwing skittles into drains.

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By Jack Parker