Brussels' old soul Bram Devens is coming to town as his musical alias Ignatz to perform some of his tar covered tunes. We thought it would be amusing to ask him some multiple choice questions. He said answering them made him feel like a high school teacher trying to be funny. We only hope it's not during a class of Social Studies about the current political affairs in Belgium. Amsterdam <3 you, Ignatz!

1. At whom would you like to throw a brick?
a. This reference to comic strip Krazy Kat co-starring the noxious
mouse Ignatz is way too corny.
b. The collective head of the Belgian outgoing Cabinet
c. Ducktails
d. Other, namely: ...

2. Your latest release has the track "I Hate This City" Boogie on it.
What is it about?
a. Oostende
b. The turmoils of life in urban environment
c. Obligatory dancing lessons somewhere in an industrial zone I had to
take as an adolescent
d. Other, namely: ...

3. How did your fascination for early blues music come about?
a. Deltablues is the bomb
b. Easy chord progressions
c. Nirvana's "In the Pines"
d. Other, namely: ...

4. They say about blueslegend Robert Johnson he sold his soul to the devil
in order to master his guitartechnique. Did you ever sell something to
someone or other?
a. Yes, my Robert Johnson records
b. Cherry tomatoes on the market
c. My guitar pick
d. Other, namely: ...

Ignatz answers: 1. a. / 2. d. Amsterdam / 3. d. In the Provincial Public
Library Hasselt / 4. d. I give away stuff

Ignatz plays OT301 w/ Ducktails on March 24th.