Top 5 Things That Were According To Some Perhaps Not Very Sensible, But I'm Glad They Happened Anyway
(or how the most stupid things can actually be the most rewarding and how this does obviously not include the new law against squatting)

5. Watching a friend open a show, dancing to DJ Dog Dick (which turned out to be number one in the 'Top Shows of 2010' list I am not going to write, and yes, that means it was better than the No Age show at Trouw.), Drinking way too many beers and generally having way too much fun for having a way too busy day at work the next day.

4. Teaming up with Isolde Woudstra to do this weekly contribution for some blog, started out looking fun but quite pointless. Now almost a year later we're still doing it and yes, it's still fun, but it also turned out to be quite inspiring and we even had an exhibition and spent one crazy weekend together to write an article for the Subbacultcha magazine (which maybe deserves a separate entry in this list, but I don't have any more room.)

3. Feeling like a teenager in line for the Ariel Pink show, deciding to go with this flow, starting with buying a really, really bad joint at the coffeeshop next to De Nieuwe Anita. Leading to one of the most crazy and perhaps most fun nights of the year. (sometimes it's good to be a teenager again. sometimes.)

2. Deciding time is more than money. Getting a contract for less hours.

1. Biking home at 7 on a Sunday morning, falling off my bike, breaking my digital camera, having it take two months to get repaired.... it finally made me look into buying that old analogue camera I wanted to buy forever.

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