TOP 11 2011


1. Waiting for Godot  
How appropriate for the first entry. This game really builds up for a pay-off. No, I won't spoil it, although you can expect intense boss battles.

2. Limbo 
 Close the curtains, turn off the lights, put on that three-cd 174min soundtrack from David Finchers The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and find out how deep this beautiful and bleak rabbit hole goes.

3. Great Gatsby for NES  
Made me read the book. Great stuff.

4. Elephant Quest  
You play a blue elephant and 'that bastard Wooly' stole your hat. You're determined to get it back. Oh, you have a laser strapped on your back and you carry an endless key chain with you.

5. Portal 2 
This is the only blockbuster game you'll need this year. There's a good robot and a bad robot, you have your portal gun and get to solve some puzzles. Sounds meh, but it's not. It's brilliant.

6. Passage  
The crappiest looking game in the list is emotionally the most devastating. And the best part is, it takes only five minutes.

7. Inside a Star-filled Sky 
Made by the same game designer as Passage. Pixel Inception. Go inside a powerup, inside an enemy, inside yourself, inside.

8. Tiny Wings 
The Game That Made Me Forget About Time The Most. I hate it.

9. The Graveyard  
One of the first games by Belgium developer Tale of Tales. If you buy the full version the old lady might actually die.

10. Tokyo Jungle 
I haven't wasted time with this game yet, but I'm really stoked to play it. Didn't we all run plastic farm animals violently into each other when we were young? I mean come on: Lion vs. Crocodile.

11. BallDroppings  
Create your own Four Tet-ish sounds. Or don't. Just let them drop like tears.

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