At first, it may seem that the main appeal or selling point if you will, of King Krule is that he is young. This is pretty darn cool, noted. But if you look with your ears instead of your eyes, the sound of King Krule is one that is wise beyond its years and definitely worth a listen. The listen is what all musicians crave, they seek out the attention. King Krule doesn’t, his music simply exists and people are flocking to it. They are drawn to it and have been drawn to it ever since Zoo Kid, King Krule’s humble beginnings. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which name you prefer. Of course, I could give you the real name of the dude behind King Krule, but that would ruin the mystique a little. And you can probably just Google it anyway. It’s the melancholic nature of his voice, the sparseness of the instrumentals and the endearing quality of the young chap’s character that are capturing people’s imaginations. He sounds pretty down in the dumps, but he doesn’t make you feel sorry for him. I don’t quite know how he does it, but he makes you listen.


Are they romantic mix tape material? NO. Sorry King Krule, but your songs are serious downers.

Are they party playlist material? NO. Again, the death of the party when dropped in a DJ set.

Should you go and tell your friends? YES. You could, but they are probably already empathising with him as we speak.

For Fans Of:
The XX
The Streets