Individually minded rock has been doing the rounds since forever, but then so has punk and dance and rap and every other musical genre. Music has essentially become a process of recycling old ideas and coming at them from a slightly different angle. Anguish Sandwich, the brain child of the ever prolific Chris East, are putting their own angry filling into the sandwich of indie rock. And boy does it taste good. The reverberation is turned up to eleven, the drums are bashed with Meg White style simplicity and enthusiasm and the bass is played by their floor dwelling bassist who chooses to sit down at gigs. This quirk is slowly becoming legendary among Anguish fans and it just has to be mentioned. Music fans are lapping up their catchy, punchy and crunchy anthems. They are a welcome reminder of the fact that guitars + drums + bass + hollering = one of the best ideas around. The attitude running through Anguish Sandwich’s sound is a firm ‘why not?’ and you’d have to be a cold hearted ice queen/king not to agree. They keep it real.


Are they romantic mix tape material?
NO. These guys should be filed under ‘fun’ rather than ‘romance’. But hey, do what you want to do.

Are they party playlist material?
YES. They make jumping in the air in time to the drums more fun than you ever would have thought.

Should you go and tell your friends?
YES. They probably know already, but if they don’t, you’ll be the coolest cat licker around.

Anguish Sandwich LIVE!

For Fans Of:

Rapid Youth
Teen Sheikhs

By Jack Parker