Blood Visions are one of those bands who aren’t afraid to crank it up a notch. Not only do they flick the switch to full throttle in the volume department, they make sure that each guitar strum, bass line, drum thwack and hormonal holler is exhilarating. Their frontman alone could work a room full of pumped up punk rock punters. He is a ball of a dozen rock star’s spat out chewing gum on stage, and it’s often hard to tell whether he’s nervous, angry or on a 30 minute sugar rush. The band can barely contain themselves and you’ll barely be able to contain their sound in your ears. They manage to pull of being incredibly abrasive whilst being incredibly anthemic. That’s no easy feat, especially when they are all still at sixth form (apart from occasional band member Matt King). They make music look like a young man’s game with their seemingly effortless ability to whip up punishing riffs and holler along choruses. Hailing from Northampton, England, this band of teens is set to run around the world, causing fellow like-minded youths to jump around, jump around, jump up, jump up and get down.


Are they romantic mix tape material?
NO. They are not romantic.

Are they party playlist material?
YES. They will cause a circle pit no matter what dull-ass party they are played at.

Should you go and tell your friends?
YES. So you can get together and punch each other at one of their shows.


For Fans Of:

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By Jack Parker