Test your movie knowledge and give your A to Gert's Movie Q. 

With Jack Nicholson still being the centre of the EYE’s Summer Festival at the EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam, let’s do another movie quiz about Jack. One of his movies is almost half an hour longer in the American version compared tot the version released in the rest of the world (including Holland). The question this week will therefore be an easy one for our American readers.

These three stills are taken from the American version of a very well known movie with Jack Nicholson. Do you know the title?
Last week's A:
The first picture is a still from the Spike Lee classic Do the Right Thing. The director in the second picture is not A European director but THE European director, Jean-Luc Godard. This is a still from his movie
Prénom Carmen (1983), in which he plays a part himsef.
By Gert Verbeek