ARTS, CRAFTS + OTHER is Basje's recurring list of everything art. Here’s this month’s top 6 of stuff to watch, go to or look up.

6. Sunday, a new and wonderful book by photographer Paul Kooiker

5. Art blog The Eyes They See by
Viktor Hachmang and Julian Sirre, two very talented artists themselves

4. The chance to become friends with Wim T. Schippers's turd

By befrieding the turd you can earn yourself a signed picture of it, a meet and greet with Wim Himself and some cans of peanut butter.

3. Everything that Emmeline de Mooij does

2. SCHRANK8, Hansje van Halem's showcase cabinet that serves as a home gallery

You can visit the finissage of the Pinar & Viola show next Sunday May 8, between 15.00 and 18.00.

1. Artist Nadia Plesner winning her lawsuit against Louis Vuitton