ARTS, CRAFTS + OTHER is Basje's recurring list of everything art. Here’s this month’s top 5 of stuff to watch, go to or look up.

5. Happy, the newest edition of Foam Magazine

Though “happy” doesn’t seem like the profoundest of themes, we have high expectations of the 26th issue of Foam Magazine.

4. The Life and Death of Andy Warhol, a biography by Victor Bockris

Victor Bockris wrote the first and most controversial biography of Andy Warhol, who he had known personally. In fact, Warhol taught him how to interview: ‘Never have any questions ready. Treat it like a cocktail party.’ Scandalous!

3. Moonwalk (2008), a video by Martin Kohout

2. Joel Holmbergs website

1. The Diamond Lane (1981),  a video by Barbara Bloom

Currently on display in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, as part of the exhibition Temporary Stedelijk: Barbara Bloom’s video The Diamond Lane, a fake trailer for a conspiracy thriller concerning doppelgangers and parallel universes in an 80s world of large glasses and designer offices.
Also part of the exhibition: Blooms photo series 25 Possible Film Stills.