Some people are just damn fine at making music. The genius behind Toro Y Moi is one of those people. You can either get mad at him for being so good or just enjoy his constantly impressive musical output. You may think “ugh he was so last year”. But that’s the genius behind this guy; he’s reinvented himself once more! He first caught the attention of everyone when he started releasing tracks leading up to his debut “Causers Of This” LP that completely blew everyone’s minds. It feels like a musical apocalypse has destroyed the world and everyone has retreated to their bedrooms and have started making their own solo beat projects. Toro Y Moi is the king of this ideal. He has his very own sound; not the sound of the underground, or the sound of the overground or a baby of both. You know when you are listening to Toro Y Moi. Where his debut had the appeal of a fragmented, dreams trying to be pieced together sound, he has already moved on from that signature sound. He has come back with a more defined sound, he’s got his mojo and he’s swaggering along streets made entirely of old photographs and all that stuff that’s related to bedroom pop. With the trademark quirks still intact of course! His sound is private and personal to him, but at the same time it draws you in and makes you feel like its personal to you too. He is a post-modern pop genius and an icon of D.I.Y music. He should be celebrated! I have done my best here, you should do the same!

Not content on just being the genre hopping Toro Y Moi, you can get your loopy dance fix from him with his side project: Les Sins. Check out his debut LP “Causers Of This” then groove on down to your local record store when “Underneath The Pine” crashes into the world! And if you get the chance to catch him live, don’t worry! He isn’t just a guy and a laptop, he’s got a full band jamming it out!


Is he romantic mix tape material?
YES. His seductive croon is enough to melt any beings heart!

Are they party playlist material?
YES. Toro Y Moi has some serious groove thang.

Should you go and tell your friends?
YES. Toro Y Moi is your new GOD!
See For Yourself:

video for “Low Shoulder"

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By Jack Parker