Sometimes a band sounds exactly like what their name tells you they are going to sound like. And it’s a very beautiful thing when this happens. With Weird Dreams, you know the drill when you read that name. It’s going to be something weird? SURE IS! They make conventional guitar pop into something weird but not to be feared. Their sound is something to be embraced by all of those out there who fell in love with kick ass D.I.Y London bands such as Male Bonding and Mazes. Weird Dreams do a great job of combining warped indie jangle with downright conventional pop hooks. It sounds slightly eerie, but it’s all together an intriguing sound. They have already played an Upset The Rhythm show in their native London town, and boy oh boy do Upset The Rhythm know what they are doing. D.I.Y bands that try and sound wrong are great, but D.I.Y bands that try and sound right in their own little way are hard to find. Weird Dreams are a rare example of trying to sound right and succeeding big style. Get listening so you can say you heard them before they got big. They are certainly a dream that you will want to recall when you wake up.

Weird Dreams released a cassette (D.I.Y till they die) on indie label Sleep All Day (awesome garage rockin label) and it sold out pretty darn soon (good sign). They have played some gigs with the likes of Ty Segall and Dignen Porch. And they have already found favour with Loud And Quiet magazine. They are going places, the buzz is mainly in London for now, but to cause a buzz in London is an achievement in itself. Nahwhatimsayin? “Weird Dreams” is also the name of this crazy looking computer game made for really old computers.


Are they romantic mix tape material?

YES. The sweet melodies embedded in Weird Dreams will pluck on anyone’s heart strings. But be careful, too much Weird Dreams and you’re heart strings may need replacing from all the plucking.

Are they party playlist material?

YES. The upbeat pace of Weird Dreams will have feet a shuffling and hair a flicking all over the party floor. Nice one, anyone?

Should you go and tell your friends?

YES. You can be like the messiah of all things great to your friends, go forth and tell them. They will hang off your every word after. No promises though.

See for yourself:

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