It’s easy to forget the joy that the internet can bring. So if you find yourself losing faith in the internet, just remember that it brought the boy/girl duo Cults to the attention of the world. For a start, when do boy/girl pop duos fail to put a smile on the world’s face? Never. We’ve had pop couple Summer Camp, we’ve had the blissed out Memoryhouse and we’ve had the romance between the lead singers of Best Coast and Wavves. Now, we have a new couple making sweet sweet music under the moniker Cults. Make sure that when you google them, type in “Cults band” to save yourself from stumbling upon creepy pictures of actual cults. Don’t be put off by the name either, the music that Cults are making has a sweet disposition, not a desire to sway from side to side and sacrifice a chicken. They put modern pop groups to shame however, who may end up turning to sacrifice to get themselves a sound that’s even slightly close to the pop perfection of songs like “OMG” and “Go Outside”. Just two of the many pop gems Cults have up their sleeves. Just like the juxtaposition of their name and their sound, Cults’ songs combine world weary lyrics with tooth-rottingly sweet melodies that uplift the longing words. They are also full of obscure samples, twinkly bits and fresh to death drum beats. If I were to describe Cults as if I were a hip street-talking dude, it would sound something like this: “Cults are tearing up the game man, completely rinsing the jokers all over the map. I’m going to mind map it for you bro, they are sweet, you’d be high not to rinse the funk out of their records. Do it. Yezzir. Non-stop swag all the time.” You will love Cults, I promise. Maybe we should start a cult for Cults, maybe.

Cults have got some lovely songs up on their bandcamp, so wrap your hungry ears around those. I dare you to say they aren’t good, you wouldn’t be able to. Everyone is going a bit frothy at the mouth for them really, I know I am. Maybe it’s something to do with the vibrations in their music.


Are they romantic mix tape material?

YES. The feeling of desire and longing in Cults’ songs is enough to ignite the fire in anyone’s heart.

Are they party playlist material?

NO. This is the kind of music to skip down the street to, I’m telling you from experience.

Should you go and tell your friends?

YES. Start a cult based around the teachings of Cults. It’ll be a larf and a harf.

See For Yourself:


For Fans Of:

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By Jack Parker