We just went ahead and emailed New York-based lit boy, TAO LIN. We were curious about his facial expression. Amsterdam-based band Spilt Milk went ahead and made a song from the first page of his latest novel, ‘Richard Yates’. Read the book! It's fantastic.


Subject:   a few questions for tao
From:   brenda(at)subbacultcha.nl
Date:   Sat, September 25, 2010 12:05 am
To:   binky.tabby(at)gmail.com
Dear Tao Lin,

Would you mind replying to the questions stated below? It would be much
appreciated. I enjoyed, or rather, felt less depressed or maybe less aware
of my depressed state reading your latest novel 'Richard Yates'. It also stirred up memories
of me feeding my baby sister's russian dwarf hamster a pine nut, after which it got a severe
case of liquid faeces and died. Not kidding for once. They, the russian dwarf hamsters, are

sensitive creatures. Like cancers. Or pisces for that matter. It was cathartic. The stirring of
the memory, I mean. So, thank you for that, I guess. To keep this introduction short: I think
the readers of our little blog (who are all into Pitchfork and American Apparel tights)

would really relate to your input. Let's do this for the kids. Thank you!

Subject:   Re: a few questions for tao
From:   "Tao Lin" <binky.tabby@gmail.com>

Date:   Thu, September 30, 2010 1:39 am
To:   brenda@subbacultcha.nl

*Are you wearing something you stole from American Apparel.*
 – Underwear.

*Could you share with us a vegan recepy you which includes marrow and/or soy whip?*
 – I thought marrow was not vegan, isn't it inside bones? I've never
made anything with soy whip. Maybe soy whip, cucumber juice, and
bananas for a smoothie.

*What's your favourite Naked Gun scene?*
 – I don't remember that movie well. Maybe whenever it shows him making
a strange facial expression.

*Are you more a Gunther or a Chandler?*
 – I don't know who Gunther is and haven't read any Chandler.

*Did you ever use the zipcode 90210 for an online registration?*
 – No.

*Do you have an opinion about the new No Age album?*
 – I have never heard "No Age," I honestly don't know what that is.

Happy hamster 'unwittingly' leaving his hamster friend in a state of 'severe depression' by Tao Lin


I've only had the opportunity to hold a hamster once
It's paws were so tiny
I think I cried a little

I saw a hamster eating its babies
I wanted to give it a high five
But it didn't know what a high five was

I have a neutral facial expression

I would eat my babies if I had some
But I don't have any babies
How old are you
It's probably good I don't have babies
You are not 16 you are like 29
No I am 16
I drew a hamster on a piece of paper today
Then I threw it on top of a recycling bin full of paper
So whenever anybody recycles paper
The hamster will look at them
And be cute for them
That's cute

I have a neutral facial expression

hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

I feel bored of life
Or wait I don't know
I'm giving up on life
Even more
Wait I already did
Even more I am

I have a neutral facial expression