Wavves have received a lot of bad press, but with the bad press comes the good press. Good press such as what you are about to read. Wavves burst onto the musical scene with two albums of laid back jams and killer songs all made by one Nathan Williams. They came to define the sound of a new musical genre being tagged as “no-fi” among other things. The guitar chords are chirpy and leap from distorted grunge to peppy jangle in the stamp of a pedal. The drums pound and the bass rumbles, just like the rhythm section should. And you’ll be snarling back the trademark hooks and lyrics from Nathan Williams right back at him in no time. They are one of the most essential bands around right now, still ahead of the game without even trying, how cool is that?

Not content with just being an awesome band, Wavves are always touring, so catch them in America AND the United Kingdom rocking out.


Are they romantic mix tape material?

YES. The anthem “Post Acid” captures that amazing feeling when you meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Are they party playlist material?

YES. Wavves are the birth, life and after life of the party. Including yours.

Should you go and tell your friends?

YES. They probably already know, depending on how cool they are, but if they haven’t, then boy oh boy are you guys in for a treat!

See For Yourself:  

Music Video for “Post Acid”

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By Jack Parker