Screaming Females blast out a ferocious style of their own which is like a pic and mix tub of styles. Just imagine, put all your favourite guitar based music genres in the form of sweets into your mouth and chew. They come at you with an alternative pop punk assault with lashings of metal licks, power chords and riot grrrl vocals. The sweet sweet riffs just seem to come effortlessly with a solo here, a catchy guitar riff there. They can shred! They can noodle! They rip the roof off with enough energy for five bands! And at certain points in their songs, their name is becomes very literal. You scream, I scream, we all scream for Screaming Females.
With three albums released, it’s easy to get your Screaming Females fixed. They are touring all over the shop, so you have no excuse not to miss them live. And if you do miss them, they might come after you and scream at you.


Are they romantic mix tape material?
NO. Best to keep this off any “romantic” mix tapes. You’ll see why after listening to them.

Are they party playlist material?

YES. Their songs are said to induce fits of air guitar, head banging and moshing.

Should you go and tell your friends?

YES. Whether your friend is a punk, a rocker, a metal head, a weirdo or even a smelly person, they will dig the Screaming Females sound.

See For Yourself:

Music Video For “I Don’t Mind It”

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