The Baths sound can only be described as ‘new’. The word ‘new’ describes the music made by the man who goes under the name Baths perfectly. It sounds electronic because it’s made using electronic technology and a lot of music at the moment is made with computer programmes and synths and so you may end up just writing off Baths as another one of those electronic bed room stars. Make sure you don’t. Make sure you listen to his music turned up loud through headphones. Then you will agree it sounds like the future, of electronic music. It’s minimalist, and so the beats have room to breathe in the space of each track. The jittery style at which the beats are paced is obscure but in no way unnerving. Overall, the sound of Baths is a chilled and relaxed one. It’s dreamy and has its head permanently in the clouds. And yet it seems to be looking beyond the quite dark style of dance and electronic music today. It’s either too deep in bass or too deep in lo-fi haze. Baths is like swimming to the top of a swimming pool and breathing fresh air. It’s the perfect escape to a technology fuelled world and yet it’s made with the very same thing.

Baths has just released his debut album on Anticon records, I suggest you get it in your life. He is also on tour right now with El Ten Eleven and has played shows with Jogger. He is a busy boy, and rightly so! The world needs his music. He is also getting the attention his music deserves in various big name magazines. Go on, jump into Baths.


Are they romantic mix tape material?

NO. Baths may not be romantic mix tape material but they are destined to be on that wonderous mix tape you make for your friends to try and educate them in new music. 

Are they party playlist material?

YES. The minimal beats that make up Baths tracks will make you want to nod your head and wiggle your leg.

Should you go and tell your friends?

YES. If you know anyone who is into their electronic music then Baths will be a welcome addition to their tastey taste in music of the electronic variety.

See For Yourself:

Lovely Bloodflow from BATHS on Vimeo.

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By Jack Parker