Colleen Green’s music could technically be labelled escapism. If you’re into labelling and all that stuff. It takes you back to that time when you were a kid, where sometimes you were shy, sometimes you were really happy and sometimes you were shy. It will almost definitely make you fall back in love with your pop punk records. And if you just listen to pop punk all the time then this is most definitely for you. The guitars are fuzzed off their faces, the drums are programmed kick drums which is so awesome and her sweet sweet voice is a punk rock lullaby over the top. It’s a perfect juxtaposition of the mean guitars, electronic drum kicks and her cute, sugar coated vocals. Colleen Green also has got a cool image down, she rocks long dresses and sun glasses indoors. And she draws her own comic books. Oh yeah, she has the approval of pop punk bad asses Male Bonding. What more can you want from just one girl?

Releasing tapes and CDs that come with free comic strips, available from the lady herself and Rough Trade! You can find out all about her on her blog and download some cool songs from her myspace. She has played shows alongside Girlfriends, Warm Blood and Cum Stain. She is keeping the D.I.Y spirit alive by playing house shows. Get involved in this new one girl phenomenon!


Is she romantic mix tape material?

YES. Recording one of her songs onto that special tape will show the person you want to give it to that you are a bad ass. And for them to think you are a bad ass is all you need.

Are they party playlist material?

YES. You can pogo, you can mosh, you can do the worm. You can bust just about any move to Colleen Green’s feel good jams.

Should you go and tell your friends?

YES. She is so freaking cool that you should probably go start a tribute band with your friends, or at least one that only writes songs worshipping her. Wow.

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