Sometimes, band's names just fit them so well. Best Coast is one of those bands. First up, their music is the kind of sweet, breezy tuneage you hum along to with your feet buried in the sand of your favourite beach. And secondly, they are the best at what they do. Best Coast is also one of those bands that make critics spew out buzz words like crazy: summer, breezy and sun drenched to name a few. There is a thriving new scene of bands taking inspiration from old 60s pop and surf pop bands, but none of them capture that sound and feeling of love and innocence like Best Coast. Her vocals are lovely, they aren't too twee or too miserable. She sings with a perfect balance, and such a talent combined with a nack for writing hooks and melodies that wont leave your brain for days, Best Coast is truely something refreshing. She's an awesome new pop star for the more alternative kids out there. Shes not overproduced or even overhyped. And her fans don't simply like her, they adore her.

Releasing 7"s all over the shop on various labels such as Art Fag and PPM, Best Coast's debut LP will be released on Mexican Summer. It's entitled "Crazy For You" and will be available from Mexican Summer in America and Rough Trade in the UK. They have played shows with Abe Vigoda, Vivian Girls, Zola Jesus and No Age. Best Coast will go on tour with Male Bonding too, from the 16th September. Catch her live while you can, she sounds just like the records!!!


Are they romantic mix tape material?

YES. Really, all you need is "Boyfriend" if you want to charm him into submission and for the ladies, all you need is "When I'm With You" to pluck tentatively on their heart strings.

Are they party playlist material?

NO. They are more relaxing with friends/getting ready in your room for a night out material. Still freaking awesome however.

Should you go and tell your friends?

YES. Best Coast is one of the new generation of pop stars, taking inspiration from the old and making it new. Im sure if your friends are like minded as you dear reader, or even if they aren't, they will appreciate being told about Best Coast.

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For Fans Of:
The Beach Boys
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Vivian Girls
The Vaselines

By Jack Parker