You can really feel Colours expressing themselves through their music. Their songs conjure atmospheres of longing and desire. You can hear in the vocals that they mean what they are singing about, while the instrumental takes the mind to a strange but happier place. The guitars are soaked in reverb and distortion that Colours blend into new musical shapes. The songs are yearning to break free from the recordings so seeing them play it all live must be mind blowing. Colours hark from the same league of bands home to My Bloody Valentine and No Age where distortion is crafted into atmosphere and something altogether more beautiful than just a racket. Finding a picture of the band on the interweb will prove hard suggesting that the band are either invisible or they want the music to speak for itself. The latter seems highly likely to me! Let Colours into your life.

Releasing records on Sleep All Day records and Marshall Teller records, you can get your hands on one of their seven inches! They are set to release an EP on tape and are a part of a compilation of bands on Marshall Teller records, they are sticking it to the man in terms of technology! They have played shows with the Fair Ohs, Mazes, Not Cool, Crocodiles and even Pens! They are sure to be getting a lot of attention, well deserved attention at that!


Are they romantic mix tape material?

YES. Putting a Colours track on his/her tape is a no brainer. Their atmospheric guitar music will take them back to the time they first met you or even your first kiss. It might even lead to your first kiss! Good times are had with Colours on the stereo.

Are they party playlist material?

YES/NO. You can’t really pull shapes to Colours, but their songs are sure to sound epic through a sound system so DJs take note!

Should you go and tell your friends?

YES. The word needs to be spread about Colours, tell all your friends who love guitar music, it might be more of the same stuff they totally dig OR it could be something completely new in guitar music for them to experience. Neat either way!

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By Jack Parker