Nothing says 'summer time' like a good old mix. but later this year, when the leaves start falling, do you want to look back and realize that all you did this summer was sit in the sun, listen to mix tapes and drink caipirinhas? Really? Really?

So here's a list of mixing and blending suggestions that will make your life rockstar-level exciting. Get your ass out of that chair and on to that one square meter you call a balcony and shake things up a bit! (or stir, if you prefer.)

- Keeping work and private life separate is so last season. Break down the barriers: invite your boss over for dinner, take a friend to visit your grandma, play your favorite song full volume at work (preferably loud and on repeat) - hell, throw in an unpleasant private phone call while you're at it, bring your parents to the next Subbacultcha show, get drunk with your landlord... you get the idea.

- Fusion cooking was only the beginning. Go crazy in the kitchen and who knows what great dishes you come up with. Then throw a picnic where said results of cooking adventures are shared and exchanged.

- Leave your mp3 unit on shuffle all summer and/or exchange mp3 units with a friend.

- Start a band.

- Start a band with people you don't know and whose favorite music you don't know, play an instrument you never played before and become the next big thing!

- Play matchmaker between your ex-lovers. Hook them up with each other: bound to make their as well as your life more interesting!

- Pick random outfits from your wardrobe blindfolded: a guaranteed way to set new trends.

- Talk to strangers.

- Throw a party.

 - Invite the whole neighborhood.

Of course, different combinations of these ingredients are possible. However, a good cocktail does not contain a shot of all the liquor bottles behind the bar. Or does it? That's up to you to find out. We would love to see pictures or hear stories about your experiences of mixing it up this summer, but if you get in trouble we won't take any blame (or credit).

By Regina van der Kloet