"I really like to think of them as an alternative boy band" A certain girly at our office giggled, refferring to The Almighty Defenders. An alternative garage, soul, gospel grinding, gargling, jangling and rocking boy band we would say. And they even wear dresses (OK, Gospel robes). Now, what else do you want. But it gets even better; The Almighty Defenders will play the Melkweg on 14 May. They will dress up and make sure to blow you away.

Gearing up to the show, Jared "Hondo" Swilley took the time time to answer some silly Subbacultcha questions.

- Just to give me a sense of being in the same space with you…. What happens if you stretch your arm to the left, hard and fast (almost like a punch) at this moment?
I fist-punch the air.

- What do you see when you look on your right.
Piano and a record player that no longer works.

- Is there any art on the walls?
No, I just moved into a new place and haven't had time to decorate.

- Can you describe the smell that surrounds you?
Fresh spring air. All of my windows are open

- What did you have for breakfast?
A grilled cheese sandwich.

- These email interviews always are a bit silly to me. How do you feel about it so far?
I'm glad you haven't asked me about my influences and what other bands i'm digging at the moment.

- Where are your robes at the moment and what state are they in?
They are at our friend Larry's house in LA. They probably don't smell great.

- How do you transport your robes? I mean, in what kind of suitcase? Did you buy items just for that matter?
We keep them in a big trash bag.

- Do you carry an iron and ironing board around?
That would be silly.

- If not… did the fact that there is a tour coming up make you think about whether or not you SHOULD carry an iron and ironing board?
I can count the number of times i've used an ironing board on one hand. I don't see it in our future.

- Did you ever lose a robe?
Somehow we lost our entire first set of robes.

- I believe that the truth is in the details. The perception of a band is generally through their music or a great show. But what really matters is what you have for dinner at night, the nice light coming through the window, the sticker on your dashboard or the pretty girl with mismatching socks… so, why don't you share some details with us.
Motivation and wind swept looks are key tools for success.

- I read a great quote once… A band (I think it was Pocahaunted) got interrupted by a cop during their rehearsal. The man said "I don't know which god you are praying to…but you sure as hell are praying too loud." Which god are you praying to?
Marduk. The great magician of the gods.

- You probably doubt sometimes about what you are doing as a band or person. Please complete the line… "Maybe we should do/have more..." (The answer can't be 'drugs'.)
More reps. We need to feel the burn.

- And this line: "Maybe we should do/have less..." (The answer can be drugs)

- And finally… How do you feel about America?
Greatest country in the universe.

By: Bas Morsch